What is Stratis?

If you have ever heard of “blockchain as a service”, sometimes abbreviated BaaS, then you are familiar with the basic concept behind Stratis. The Stratis platform was built to create solutions for corporations that are interested in using blockchain technology for the financial sector or a variety of other industries.

But even if you are familiar with blockchain technology, you still might not understand how this coin actually works. A blockchain is simply a database that is distributed to everyone at the same time. Whenever a record is updated, it gets sent to everyone else, to make sure that it jives with the right of the data. For example, if you were doing a cryptocurrency trade, trying to send 50 Bitcoin to someone wouldn’t work if you only had 40, because the transaction wouldn’t agree with the distributed ledger that is the blockchain.

Each block in the chain contains a timestamp and a link to the previous block, so the computer can quickly trace back the transactions and ensure that nothing happens that isn’t supposed to. But it also means that it doesn’t have to be used just for cryptocurrency, like Bitcoin. In fact, blockchain service is one of the most exciting technologies currently out there and people will definitely want to invest in it in the months and years to come.

Investing in Stratis

The reason that it will be a smart idea to invest in Stratis is that companies are going to be able to create custom applications that are based upon the blockchain, with any features that they require. This will not only be an exciting new market, it will also make the development process easier for blockchain projects.

Stratis allows people to create unique and completely private blockchains. Which can be used by these organizations, customized to their specific needs. Then they can be launched by third-party organizations. These are called “sidechains” and they will be securely stored on the main blockchain. API’s will be the main way to access them.

So, this cryptocurrency coin is changing the way that the blockchain is used when it comes to corporations. The platform from Stratis is enterprise-grade, simple and affordable. It is a complete solution for .Net blockchain apps and C# development. Solutions will be tailored to that specific organization’s needs. This coin was recently recognized by Microsoft and a few other companies for the amazing work they are doing in the field of computers.

The BaaS Platform

Microsoft helps platforms that are trying to create decentralized applications within the BaaS partner program. They have recently added it to Azure, which is their cloud service, to give them a great deal of functionality when it comes to creating block chain applications.

Stratis is highly skilled in developing tools that are customized for Microsoft products already. It is perfectly natural that they have now partnered with the software giant to be added to the list of blockchain platforms that are already in the cloud.

The Difference between Stratis and Ethereum

While Stratis is somewhat similar to the way Ethereum works in name, when it comes down to the practice they are both actually quite different. For one thing, this cryptocurrency coin runs on the Bitcoin blockchain. But the main difference is the Stratis offers developers the ability to program applications in C#. Which opens up so many avenues to developers and could potentially impact so many different apps.

Both Ethereum and Stratis are platforms that are developing blockchain-friendly tools so that developers can create blockchain-based applications and smart contracts. But with this coin, developers don’t have to learn a new programming language to begin developing. The native language of Stratis is C#, which is very popular with developers.

Another difference between Ethereum and Stratis is the way that data flows. A Smart Contract could, depending on the size on the block, could cause a traffic jam if there’s too much data. That’s because all the data that runs through Ethereum travels on the main Highway. This coin is trying to change the way that works by putting contracts on sidechains so the main network always runs smoothly without ever getting clogged. There are a few other differences between Stratis and Ethereum, but those are the main ones.

The People behind Stratis

Stratis is all over the world and has an amazing team of professionals that includes business managers, Consultants marketing experts, salespeople, developers and much more. The company is managed by a team of blockchain experts and has a number of business practices that make them one of the most exciting new companies to come out recently. They’re located in the United Kingdom. Here are some of the people behind this cryptocurrency coin.

Chris Trew

Chris is the chief executive officer and founder of Stratis. He has been a technology architect for more than 10 years as well as a consultant. He has experience in enterprise and has worked in the financial industry for some of the top companies out there. He’s also worked in the legal sector, for some aviation companies and even local government.

Chris is also done some pretty well-known things in his free time. For example, he worked as a volunteer developer on the app Blitz, which led to the creation of The Viral Exchange. This is a social exchange that allows people to earn cryptocurrency by sharing, liking and tweeting. In addition, he has created somewhat of a fitness revolution, by making the Fitalize platform available, where people can earn Blitz coins by trying to get in shape better shape.

Nicolas Dorier

Nick is a Stratis framework developer and the number two person in the company. He was a certified trainer by Microsoft, teaching companies how to develop better .Net Technology and then discovered Bitcoin in 2016, and has been interested in the cryptocurrency market ever since.

Dan Gershony

Dan is one of the developers of the stratis blockchain. He spent over 10 years working on the MS stack, working in C# and .Net. He also holds several Microsoft certifications. Dan has been a software integration engineer for some of the biggest companies in the world and spent 4 years at Blinkbox. Dan was working on the core platform and serving as one of the most respected development engineers.

Pieterjan Vanhoof

Pieterjan is another Stratis blockchain developer. He has extensive experience with .Net and has been interested in blockchain technology ever since the beginning of 2013. He’s been responsible for creating solutions to specific client needs when it comes to blockchain technology. Including porting over Innovations between cryptocurrency companies or redesigning front-end applications.

Jeremy Bokobza

Jeremy is yet another Stratis blockchain developer. He has extensive knowledge of .Net Technology and architecture and has worked extensively with C+.



The Stratis Roadmap

Stratis wants to become the number one platform on the market, and chances are decent that they can do it. There are not many that can compete with them now, so does seem entirely feasible. They want to provide the best blockchain-as-service platform for decentralized services. And maintain those services for companies for many years to come. Anyone who is looking to invest in Stratis should read up on them extensively because they do seem like a solid investment and could have great rewards down the road.

Should You Invest in Stratis?

This is a difficult question to answer, because it depends upon what your goals are, and how you enjoy risk. Stratis is one of a few quality companies that exist in the blockchain technology for developers industry. That doesn’t mean that it is going to be super successful. The chances are good, but you should definitely diversify your profile on any kind of investing that you do. Most experts recommend buying in to multiple cryptocurrencies, as long as you have done your research. Because one could fail, and one could take off big time, like Bitcoin did when it was first introduced.

How to Buy Stratis

If you want to buy this digital coin, you may have to go the indirect route; depending upon which country you live in. Stratis is available in a few countries, such as the United States through Coinbase. Most countries you’ll have to find a work-around, such as buying Bitcoin first and then finding a place online where you can trade that Bitcoin for Stratis. If you decide you want to invest in this cryptocurrency coin you can choose one of our recommended brokers.