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eToro is the worlds largest and most popular social trading broker with over 4,5 Million traders. Etoro is a social investment tool which offers a lot of advantages. There are no broker on the market which offers so many interesting and advanced trading tools like Etoro.

The members at eToro can trade commodities, Cryptocurrencies, CFD´s and even indices.

The traders can copy other expert traders trading strategies and follow them during the trading sessions.

The “Social trading” feature at eToro gives you the opportunity to like traders, comment on trades and posts, like a social community.

Below you can directly click on the expert traders and start follow them and duplicate their trading strategies

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Best Social Trading Platforms

As a social trade company we provide information about websites and companies that allow traders to share trades or ideas about trading with others. The main focus of our platform is Forex social trading websites that offer communities, and auto-trading capabilities. Auto-trading is the ability that allows investors to automatically copy trades that are made by others on the network.

A social trade website connects traders and trade followers in the same way that twitter and facebook connect you with friends and family. In the past trading networks were based on information sharing. Newer social trading sites are now more focused on the automated trading aspects. For example, the new social trade sites will not only allow you to see, analyze, and comment on the performance of live traders, but will also allow you to copy the trades in your account from the traders that you follow.

What is Social Trading

Social trading offers a new way for investors and retail traders to access the financial markets. The idea is to offer a place for traders to share their wisdom. Traders from around the world are connected on the network and able to share their views and trades in real time. Investors are able to use the information to make trading decisions based on a group consensus as opposed to using fundamental or technical trading methods.

As a social trader you will be able to decide whether to make trades on your own using the social information that you have gathered or to copy one or more of the traders on the website.

Making Money through Social Trading

When it comes to earning money through trading it is well known that there are very few traders who are successful. A social trade site will allow you to find those who are successful and copy their trades. This means that your successes will be based on how well the traders that you copy perform.

If you are currently a trader, a social trading network will provide you with an additional stream of revenue as you will be able to share your trades on the site. The better trades that you make, the more people will copy, leading to extra money in your pocket.

About eToro

eToro social trading offers a marketplace where investors may trade CFD stocks, commodities, currencies, and indices. The goal of eToro is to provide both new and experienced traders with the chance to benefit from information sharing between them.

eToro accomplishes this using an innovative social platform. The trading platform allows customers to make trades themselves like on other broker sites, but also allows users to interact with, learn from, and copy trades from successful investors. Each trade can be copied into an account in real time. Using this platform investors can create portfolios based on the people they choose to follow.

About eToro Web-based Platform and App

eToro has been around since the year 2007, with the web-based platform being released in 2008. In July of 2010, the OpenBook social network was released and in May 2011, a CopyTrader feature was released.  Mobile trader applications have been available for both Android and iPhone devices since August of 2011. In November of 2015, a new eToro platform was launched that combined OpenBook and WebTrader in the same interface. It works across every type of device.

At eToro trading is available on a number of financial instruments including currency pairs, stocks, commodities, indices, stocks, and ETFs. The amount of leverage that is used is based on the instrument.

eToro Unlimited Demo Account

As one of the best social trading sites, eToro makes it easy to get started with an account. There is a demo account available that allows you to practice trading without using any real money. This free account allows users to test out all of the features of a real money account without any risk.

When you are ready to open up a real money account a deposit can be made using several different methods such as a credit card, bank wire, MoneyBookers, PayPal, Western Union, etc. Accounts are managed in United States dollars.  The minimum deposit for a real money account is currently $200.

Finding Copy Traders that Match Your Goals

As the best social trading platform according to a social trade biz review, eToro makes it easy to calculate risk. There are a number of features such as a pre-set leverage that will help protect your account. In addition, traders are not allowed to allocate more than 20 percent of their total capital for each trader that you follow. This protects your equity by limiting exposure.

In order to help you find people that you may want to follow there is a “Discover People” tool that allows you to filter the current traders that are available to follow using parameters such as winning ratio, risk level, and average exposure.

For those who are new to FX trading there is an online education center available that offers live webinars, eCourses, tips, and training videos. Interaction with other traders is also a great way to learn more about copy trading and fx trading.

Making Money by Sharing Trades on eToro

As a trader on eToro it is possible to make extra money from your successful trades. A popular investor will be given rewards based on the number of “copiers” they have. When a trader reaches 50 copiers they earn $350 per month. The more popular that a trader is, the more they earn. The maximum amount is 2% of the funds paid each month. In addition, rebates are provided on spreads of trades of up to 100 percent. For example, the more people that copy them, the more they can make in commissions.

Costs and Fees

There are no management fees or other associated costs for using the social trading network. Since eToro acts as a broker, the site makes money through the broker spreads of the instruments that are being traded. Additionally, eToro charges rollover fees or credits for positions that are left open overnight or over the weekend.


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