Bitcoin CEO Committed Suicide

On the 26th February 2014, Autumn Radtke, the CEO of Bitcoin exchange First Meta, was pronounced dead. The story generated significant media attention because it was close to the Mt. Gox collapse in Tokyo. With their curiousity piqued, the media began digging around to try to uncover what may have led to the death of the 28 year-old American CEO. On Monday the 15th September, a Coroner’s Court in Singapore found that Radtke had committed suicide. The reasons were both work and personal. According to the Coroner’s Report, Radtke had done extensive research into ways and means of committing suicide. She plunged to her death from her apartment building. The news bulletin was broadcast on Singapore’s official broadcaster – Channel NewsAsia.

United Way Worldwide Now Accepts Bitcoin

In a positive development for Bitcoin, the United Way’s Innovation Fund now accepts Bitcoin donations. This announcement was made on Monday the 15th September. The organization emphasized that this is geared towards fostering an atmosphere of technology, relationships and efficiency. One of the recognized Bitcoin exchanges – Coinbase – will be partnering up with the charity to let customers donate to the fund. The donations option is available to anyone in the world. The United Way is but one of many big name companies now accepting Bitcoin. Others include PayPal, Home Depot and even grocery store giant Target. The CEO of United Way – Brian A. Gallagher – believes that innovation, new outreach methods and technology allow people to achieve their potential.

Trading Opportunities

On the currencies trading front, the AUD/USD currency pair is bearish. The Aussie was last trading at 0.9034 (up 0.16%) to the USD due in large part to the dropping prices of iron ore. Other factors weighing on the AUD include the slowdown in China and the upcoming interest rate hikes in the USA. Further east, the USD/JPY currency pair took a bullish turn. The market appears to be a little overbought at this time, trading at 107.190 (down 0.07%).