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Risk Warning: Trading may not be suitable for everyone, so please ensure that you fully understand the risks involved. With “CFDs are complex instruments and involve a high risk of rapidly increasing losses due to the leverage effect. Between 74% and 89% of retail investors lose money with trading in CFDs.”

Metatrader 4

MetaTrader 4, commonly called the MT4 platform, is one of the most popular platforms for foreign exchange, known as Forex. The Metatrader4 platform was developed in Russia by MetaQuotes Software Corporation. The application is licensed to hundreds of brokers and banks all over the world.


The MT4 platform offers a wide range of trading options and lots of features. The brokers on our site lets you try out a MetaTrader demo if you aren’t familiar with Forex Trading. The MetaTrader 4 demo account will allow you to do MT4 Forex Trading before you actually start investing money.


One of the reasons that MetaTrader 4 is so popular among investors is that it allows users to create their own trading scripts that will help to make automated trades happen easily.

For most traders, no matter if they are doing Forex or another financial instrument, if they are not using MT4 themselves, then you can be sure that they are familiar with the name MetaTrader 4.

MT4 platform popular – flexible trading system

Traders with all skill levels and with a variety of needs use the MT4 platform to make their trades. That’s because the software includes an extremely flexible trading system, expert advisors, advanced mobile applications, algorithmic trading and extremely advanced technical analysis.


MetaTrader 4 is one of the most efficient applications when it comes to retail foreign exchange trading. For example, it was specifically designed to be used by online traders. Online trading platforms are comprehensive computer applications that allow trading across the various financial markets and with a variety of financial instruments.


These brokers act as the intermediaries between the buyers and the sellers.


Online investors trade on up-to-the-minute market prices that are streamed on trading platforms like the MT4 platform. They can also improve their trading with live news, charting packages, account management tools and expert advisors.


How MetaTrader 4 is used

There are between 500,000 and 750,000 traders using the MT4 platform to do their daily trades. They are able to make investment decisions after they learn how to trade with MetaTrader 4 demo account.  Then make use of all of the features that MetaTrader 4 offers them. Just a few of these include custom indicators, a huge amount of order handling, charting tools, one-click trading and more. Beginners can use a MetaTrader demo and seasoned traders will really love how comprehensive their trading can be.


Automated MT4 Forex Trading

‘Automated Trading’ is a well-known tool for online investors to help them process trade orders with instant reaction times. This happens because the trader set up a system of predetermined trading rules, like when to enter the market and when to exit. This can be configured easily by you, using the MQL programming language that is specific to MetaTrader 4.


Automated trading has another major advantage as well. It removes all emotion from the activity of trading. This is often how new traders can lose money quickly and one of the reasons why more than a future new traders have left the Forex Trading Market immediately after entering it.


Auto trading is fast and efficient, and it takes the human factor out so that you can make trades that make sense based on pure logic.


Automated Trading with MQL

Automated trading is definitely one of the top reasons why so many people choose to use the MetaTrader 4 platform. If you want to know whether automated trading is a good idea or not, all you have to do is look back to the year 2014 and beyond. Since then, more than three-quarters of the United States stock trades, including those that are on the NYSE and NASDAQ, are done with automated trading.


Forex MetaTrader with automation is terrific and fully featured. But the reason why so many traders love the MT4 platform is that includes a proprietary scripting language that allows traders to create their own custom scripts. In other words, they create their own expert advisors and custom indicators so that they can implement their personal trading strategy if they choose. Of course, for the new trader, there is still automation help so that you will not have too steep of a learning curve if you are trading for the first time.

Forex Metatrader with Trading robot

The expert advisors, also commonly called trading robots, are linked to a specific series of charts and provide a great deal of trading information, even allowing traders to set up automatic training activities based on indicators that they believe in.


The bottom line is that no matter if you are a beginning trader or you have a great deal of experience already and know what kind of trading signals you want to rely upon and what kind of automation you want to set up, MetaTrader 4 gives you everything you need.


MT4 Forex Mobile Trading

MetaTrader 4 software is an advanced platform which also works with mobile applications. The software was designed in 2005, and the MetaTrader 4 developers were able to look accurately into the future and realize that mobile devices and mobile trading were going to become more prevalent then trading on a computer. That made how the MetaTrader 4 platform worked on a variety of mobile devices possibly even more important than the computer software itself.


In any case, the mobile applications provided by MetaTrader 4 are probably the best in the business. The MT4 mobile sites and applications allow investors complete access to the trading platforms. All of the features that they could want, directly from your phone, tablet or other mobile device.  You can also use MetaTrader 4 with any type of operating system.


Trading On the Go

If you prefer to do manual trades, rest assured that you can easily do them wherever you are in the world with the MetaTrader 4 mobile access system. If you take a look around the market, you may notice that some of the mobile applications out there connected with trading platforms are rather limited. You can do some types of mobile trading, but usually you are restricted from doing many things.  You have to switch to the desktop application platform if you want to use these features.


That is just not the case with MetaTrader 4. MetaTrader 4 offers you access to your entire Trading portfolio, with multiple account monitoring directly from a single mobile interface. This definitely gives investors an advantage that they wouldn’t get from other platforms. No matter which mobile software you use, you get access, instant, up-to-the-minute news and information and the ability to enter or exit a trade quickly right from your mobile device.

MT4 Mobile Trading

Mobile trading on the MT4 platform is just as easy as with the desktop platform. Online investors are able to follow the global markets, execute orders immediately and manage their account. The traders can do all these no matter where they are in the world. This is a huge advantage and absolutely necessary for traders who travels a lot.


In addition, mobile training also offers many different analytic options and accurate quote displays so you can manage your account properly.

Investors can make their trades the same way and at same speed that they’re used to. Since the mobile trading options are exactly the same as the regular platform. Because they are using the same trading tools.

When you are away from your computer, you absolutely have to have full access to your trading platform. Use the mobile versions of MetaTrader 4 on any of your mobile devices whenever you need to. Trading is slightly different on the mobile platforms but it is similar enough that the learning curve will be short.


The Major Features of MetaTrader 4

Now we will discuss some of the major features of MetaTrader 4 in a little more detail. You will understand the platform better and determine if you want to start Forex Trading with the MetaTrader platform.


The MetaTrader 4 System

MetaTrader 4 is powerful trading platform that allows you to create strategies of your own no matter how complex. You get access to the entire market with execution and trading from a chart, as well as trailing stops and order stops, a complete trading history and a tick chart. These tools are available for you to use 24-hours-a-day 7-days-a-week. Trading with MetaTrader 4 is fast and easy thanks to the trading system features.


  • Up to four pending orders
  • Two stop orders new line trailing stops
  • Three execution modes different execution modes
  • Two Market orders


MetaTrader 4 Analytics

One of the reasons why this platform is so popular is the options provided by the analytic options. Full features like online quotes and interactive charts that allow you to look at nine different periods, means that you can quickly look up all the details on a particular trade that you are thinking about, and respond lightning-fast to any price changes.


The MT4 platform has over 30 technical indicators that are already built in, and more than 20 analytical objects. This makes the analytics task very simple. But they are just the surface features of MetaTrader 4. The platform also includes codebase and a built-in market which allow you to look at literally thousands of indicators. The sky is the limit when it comes to analytics. If there is movement in the market, you will be able to check it out as accurately and comprehensively as you want.


  • 9 different time frames
  • 23 analytical objects
  • 30 technical indicators
  • Fully interactive charts


Following Trading Signals and Using Copy Trade


One of the great things about using the MetaTrader 4 demo account is that you are able to test out all of the different features offered by the platform and see if you can make money. For instance, if you just don’t have time for all the work required to make smart trades, you can simply subscribe to trading signals and copy trades from someone else. All you do is decide who your provider is going to be, subscribe to signals, and then the platform does all the work for you.


There are lots of signals and copy trading systems for you to choose from, many of them free. The nice thing is, you can check out any of these signals with the demo account and find out what is going to work before you spend money.


  • Thousands of available providers
  • Tens of thousands trading strategies
  • Works with any market conditions

The MetaTrader Included Market

The built-in market with the MetaTrader platform is the best place to find technical indicators. You can choose from any of the huge assortment of trading robots in indicators. Thereafter launch them without ever having to leave the platform.


  • MetaTrader offers the largest selection of trading apps in the world
  • 2100 technical indicators
  • 1700 trading robots
  • Free and Commercial options


Algorithmic Trades

You can turn almost any trading strategy that you can come up with into an expert advisor so that it does all the work for you. Your trading robot will run both the analytics and the trading, which means you don’t have to do normal market analysis and you can concentrate on another job, family or anything else in your life. MetaTrader 4 provide you with the perfect environment for developing and testing, as well as making money, from automated trading programs. If you come up with your own trading program, you have a choice of posting it in the free code library or you can sell it in the marketplace.


  • Trading strategies written in the MLQ4 language
  • Access to the editor
  • Use of the strategy tester
  • Entire library free code and trading robots


Financial News and Alerts

You’ll need access to the latest financial news and you’ll need to get alerts immediately when something happens because there is a lot of money to be made and lost based upon these market factors


  • Up-to-date financial information
  • Instant notification
  • Support for different market conditions
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