22 reasons to investing in Cryptocurrency

Investing in Cryptocurrency?

You may have heard of currency exchange on the open market, commonly referred to as Forex. However, one of the newest things is investing in cryptocurrencies. This cryptocurrency trading guide is available for you to learn about the newest instrument that has investors pretty excited. Let’s go through 22 reasons that you should get into cryptocurrency so that you can understand what is cryptocurrency trading, learn cryptocurrencies strategies that work and find the best cryptocurrency broker.


1.    Investing in Cryptocurrency 


Because of the way the cryptocurrency network is designed, there are no other parties that are involved in a transaction between the sender and the receiver. Cryptocurrency is a very basic transfer that only involves two users. This sometimes means that you can save a great deal of money on broker commissions and other fees with the right cryptocurrency strategy like the one in the cryptocurrency guide.


2.    The cryptocurrency system is decentralized


The cryptocurrency system is not managed by anyone governing body. Instead the blockchain technique is used the system is self-managed by the network that it forms outside of the cryptocurrency trading platform.


3.    Cryptocurrencies are accepted everywhere


A few years ago, there would have been very few places that you would be able to spend your digital currency like Bitcoin. Today, there has been a huge rise in popularity and recognition. You can easily find a Bitcoin trading guide and a Bitcoin trading broker and learn how to make money with cryptocurrency because it is now accepted around the world.


4.    You own your cryptocurrency trading account


The trading cryptocurrencies system is actually quite a bit more secure than your credit or debit card or other forms of digital currency. You are able to access the account only if you are the authentic user. If for some reason there is any suspicious activity, the system will block the account attempting to make the transaction and then notify the owner that someone is trading Bitcoin.


5.    Cryptocurrency is pushed in a transaction


Unlike other types of currency such as a credit or debit card, where you have to give a reason for a purchase as well as authorize the purchase itself, with cryptocurrency all you need to do is transfer the money to the user. You can transfer that money without providing any other information. The anonymous nature of cryptocurrency is a big feature for many users. Of course if you are using the best Bitcoin trading platform – or really any Bitcoin broker where you are trading a lot of money – you may have to provide personal information in order to make money with Bitcoin.


6.    Cryptocurrency transfers more quickly


Cryptocurrency is one of the fastest ways that you can get your money into your bank account. With some cryptocurrencies, you can make money online, sell it and have the money in your bank account by the very next day.


7.    Cryptocurrency is not affected by inflation


One of the benefits of cryptocurrency is that it inflation has no effect on it whatsoever. In addition, other financial events will be unlikely to affect it as well. The money that you invest for always stay safe no matter what happens in the financial world.


8.    It is completely anonymous


One of the reasons that the best cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, was such a popular currency among users of the illicit drug Market Marketplace Silk Road, was that a Bitcoin could not be traced back to the person that spent it. Eventually, authorities were able to shut down Silk Road, but it was not done by tracing Bitcoin. Start investing in Cryptocurrency is a smart way to make money long term.


9.    It’s rising in popularity and will continue to rise


Investing in Cryptocurrency maybe more of a safe bet than any stock that you could buy. That’s because cryptocurrency has continued to rise since it was created. In fact, all of the major cryptocurrencies have risen from what they started at, and some of them, like Ethereum, by a great deal. Watch cryptocurrency market capitalization and news for exciting developments.


10.  The government cannot take it


Since the government is not issuing you the money they have no authority over the cryptocurrency. If inflation happens, they will not be able to take it back from you.


11. Bitcoins transfer easily


Another great thing about Bitcoins is how easy they are to transfer. You can carry all of your cryptocurrency in a ledger wallet and transfer money easily using your device. This makes it very easy to maintain and keep your cryptocurrencies in a safe way.


12. There are a lot of uses for Bitcoin


There are many things online that you can buy or pay for with Bitcoin, but even outside of the internet, Bitcoin is starting to become an accepted currency. As these other currencies cryptocurrencies become more popular they will also be accepted outside of the internet and it is entirely conceivable that they will become one of the primary ways for people to pay for goods and services.


13. Cryptocurrency history tracks are recorded on a network


No one governs cryptocurrency. It is managed by all of the users that currently hold that currency. The only networks are the blockchain websites which keep ledgers of the transactions. The information does not go elsewhere. That means that the history end tracking is not available on any other platforms


14.  Cryptocurrencies can be very profitable


If you had bought $0.99 worth of bitcoin in 2009 when it opened at $0.03 per Bitcoin, you would have had a total of 33. At the current rate of around $4,500 per Bitcoin you would have nearly $150,000 today. Investing in cryptocurrency can be extremely valuable.


15.  Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies allows you a great deal more freedom


The top three cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin. In most investing Frameworks, and especially with banking systems where you’ve invested your money, you’re tied into all kinds of plans and have red tape that you have to go through in order to do anything different than slowly accrue interest.

However, with cryptocurrency, you have a lot more freedom on what you can do with your money. You can easily withdraw, purchase more or see big earnings in a short period of time.


16. Bitcoin is growing rapidly


Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, EthereumLitecoin, Monero, Ripple, Dash, Stratis and Zcash are growing rapidly. Right now, Bitcoin has most of the market in cryptocurrency. But there are over 900 other currencies vying for a spot in the marketplace and because of how popular this payment method has become, the digital world is adopting cryptocurrency quickly. Even brick-and-mortar businesses are following suit.

As there is more media coverage a Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, there will be even further growth, and eventually, we may see these currencies as popular as Visa or MasterCard.


17. Ethereum is also growing


If you were to compare cryptocurrency to the precious metals market, Bitcoin would be gold and Ethereum would be silver. Ethereum is growing very quickly.

The Ethereum platform is not just a currency, it is also a place where decentralized apps can be created. The currency sort of keeps the platform going.

The smart contracts incorporated by Ethereum allow for anonymity on the blockchain and have created the decentralized autonomous organization which is attractive to developers in particular, and has even attracted major players in the tech industry like Microsoft and the Intel Corporation.


18. Regulation may mean wider adoption


Because of the anonymity of cryptocurrency, there have definitely been people that have taken advantage of this and used it to Purchase illicit items or funnel money into gangs are terrorist groups. However, there may be some regulation coming that will make this more difficult when using cryptocurrency. If this happens, then it is likely that it will see more popularity than it does now and even wider adoption. Regulation has both advantages and disadvantages, but at least one cryptocurrency is already backed by big banks.


19. Cryptocurrency may be the currency of the future


Today, there are not that many people using cryptocurrency in relation to the number of people making financial transactions. However that may change in the future. In fact, cryptocurrency may become as popular as payment methods like Visa or MasterCard, or wire transfer. It may be one of the major ways that people do business in the coming decades, particularly with government mistrust growing.


20. People are skeptical of government oversight


There has never been more skepticism where the government is concerned. People know that big banks and corporations have a great deal of power in the world and cryptocurrency is one of the ways that they can take back their independence. If they are using currency that they control, with the government having no ability to take it from them, then they have achieved a level of financial Independence that is very attractive right now.


21. It is not difficult to get rich from investing in Cryptocurrency


Remember, did someone who bought a dollars’ worth of Bitcoin when it was first introduced would now have enough tradable Bitcoin to buy a brand new sports car. It is entirely possible that getting in on the ground floor of one of these cryptocurrencies could see growth so exponential that someone could become millionaires.


22. Investing in Cryptocurrency doesn’t require any education


You don’t need a college degree to investing in cryptocurrency. In fact, you don’t even need the experience and self-taught education that many of the traders doing Forex and other online trading have. All you need is some idea of which cryptocurrencies are going to have staying power in the future; and then a little money to invest in them. Here you can find 8 best cryptocurrency brokers to start with.