Interview Libertex

1. What is your name and from which company?

Luciana Lombardi, Affiliate manager at FxClub and Libertex

2. What are the things that, according to you, differentiate your company (Libertex)?

Zero spreads, low commissions, flexible leverage per trade and an easy to use app and online platform.

3. Why should a trader choose your brand to trade forex/CFD and cryptocurrencies instead of another broker?

Because of our long term experience and stability in this market – 20 years – and our award winning proprietary platform which is extremelly easy to use and suitable for beginners.

4. Which services do you offer to your clients to support/help their investment decisions and/or trading?

We offer educational videos on our website for clients to learn about Forex and the market and we also provide them with an Ebook to deepen their knowledge. Additionally, we provide the clients with Real time News directly in our platform and Trading signals from Trading Central and FX WirePro via Push notifications and emails.

5. What advice can you give to traders – especially to those who have just started trading the markets?

To check our brilliant education program for assistance.

6. What type of trading platform do you offer?

Libertex For CySec regulated markets and Libertex + MT4 for CIS, Asia and LATAM markets. In the future we will provide also MT5.

7. What products do you offer (Forex/CFD, Cryptocurrencies…)?

We offer 150 tradable assets (Currencies, Cryptocurrencies, Indices, Oil and gas, Metals, Shares, Agriculture). The full list can be seen here: Regulated markets only) – more instruments are available for non-regulated markets.

8. Which is the most traded product at your company?

The EUR/USD is the most traded instrument.

9. Which cryptocurrencies do you offer for trading?

It depends on the market:CySec regulated market: Bitcoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, BitcoinCash/Bitcoin and Litecoin/Bitcoin
Unregulated markets: Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dash, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Ripple, BitcoinCash/Bitcoin, Ethereum/Bitcoin and Litecoin/Bitcoin.

10. Which one is the most popular and valuable cryptocurrency on your platform?

BTCUSD (Bitcoin) is the most traded cryptocurrency on our platform.

8. What are the advantages to trade forex or cryptocurrencies on your platform?

Our Risk management tool. One of the main advantages of Libertex comparing to any other margin trading platform is that in margin trading platforms, 1 open trade can consume your entire balance (once you fund your account with $1000 and open 0.01 lot of volume, this trade can consume all or significantly damage your balance). At Libertex, once you fund your account with $1000 and open a 10USD trade, all you can lose is 10USD.

11. What was your company´s motivating factor to begin offering cryptocurrencies?

It’s popularity and demand from our current and potential clients. The high volatility of these cryptocurrencies offers great opportunities for margin trading.

12. What tools do you offer to trader to follow the cryptocurrency market and its predictions?

Same tools we offer our clients to follow the other markets.

13. Do you give any special offer to new traders?

Occasional bonus offer to Unregulated markets. No bonuses or promotions for Regulated markets.

14. What advice do you give to traders to take advantage of the services of Libertex?

Not sure what is the intent of this question. We already explained why Traders should use our broker and platform, and what differentiate us.

15. Do you have any new upcoming projects for your traders?

Yes, we are investing a lot in the addition of new cryptocurrencies for our clients to trade.