Interview IQ Option

1. What is your name and from which company?

Anna Khan, support specialist in IQ Option

2. What are the things that, according to you, differentiate your company (IQOPtion)?

IQ Option is not just a place to work. It’s the place you miss on your days-off, you miss people and atmosphere. It’s a place where all your dreams and all your audacious plans come true. IQ Option is a company of constant motion, where the words “person-orientated” are the foundation of all the beginnings.

3. Why should a trader choose your brand to trade forex/CFD and cryptocurrencies instead of another broker?

The main principles of IQ Option, in my opinion, are unobtrusiveness and simplicity. We give freedom to our traders. Freedom to choose and to be with us. We never push and bother our traders with tiresome support and complicated services. We know that the world of trading is not a piece of cake and we want to make the process easier for traders by implementing user-friendly interface. Trading on Crypto became even more exciting. Now there is a great feature available to our traders. One can buy Bitcoin on our platform and withdraw it easily by following the given instructions.

4. Which services do you offer to your clients to support/help their investment decisions and/or trading?

We have a wonderful support team that speaks nearly 20 different languages and works 24/7. Our main purpose is to find the individual approach to each trader and investigate every case thoroughly. We also have a channel on vimeo and page on our website with lots of educational videos about different instruments and indicators to provide positive trading experience. Our blog is a wonderful source to learn more about financial world as well.

5. What advice can you give to traders – especially to those who have just started trading the markets?

The main things are practice and patience. Always remember that successful trading involves good knowledge and detailed analytic. It is essential not to give your emotions to overwhelm your mind and never invest more than you can afford to lose.

6. What products do you offer (Forex/CFD, Cryptocurrencies…)?

We offer 5 different instruments for our traders: Binary and Digital Options, Forex, CFD and Crypto and we are constantly working on adding new instruments and new option for the ultimate trading experience of our traders.

7. Which cryptocurrencies do you offer for trading?

We offer 13 different cryptocurrencies on IQ Option platform. Among them are Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin Gold, Ethereum, Litecoin and Dash. Moreover, we are now financial partners of Open Trading Network and it allows our traders to earn OTN tokens for trading on crypto assets on Crypto and CFD instruments. OTN is a very ambitious and reliable project which we believe in.

8. What was your company’s motivating factor to begin offering cryptocurrencies?

We are eager to follow new trends in the financial world to offer the best trading opportunities to our traders. We believe that cryptocurrency is the product of future and we want to be a part of it.

9. Do you give any special offer to new traders?

We offer a training account for our new traders to practice their trading skills and work out the strategy that suits them best! There are $10000 of digital funds available for training and they can be refilled at any time!

10. What are the advantages in trading in cryptocurrencies on your platform?

A couple of months ago we have launched OTN system. In the context of this OTN program we reward traders who use CFD or crypto trading on our platform with tokens. Users can sell the tokens or pay the commission with these tokens. Token is another benefit that our trader can achieve from the activity on crypto trading.
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