18 Smart Forex Trading Tips

Forex trading tips

18 smart forex trading tips to read before you start trading with any forex broker. If you are trading Forex, you want to know as much as possible. Learning smart Forex trading tips will allow you to become better at your online trading strategy and make more money. Here are 18 smart Forex trading tips that will help you get there.


1. Decide What Your Goals With the Best Forex Guide


The first thing that you must do before you start Forex trading is have some idea of where you want to be within a certain period of time. The more clearly you are able to visualize your goals, the more you will know about how to proceed. Plus, if you know what your goals are, then you can see if your best online trading strategy will allow you to meet them.

Every trading strategy is a little different. Every style has its own risk profile. Each traders has a unique attitude towards his trades and being successful. Some traders are not comfortable with having open positions while they are not watching, and so should probably restrict themselves to day trading.

Knowing your goals will allow you to decide what risks you’ll take, what style of trading you want to do and how much money you are going to be investing. It´s recommended to read and learn some forex trading tips before you start investing.


2. Choose a Broker with the Right Trading Platform


A trading platform is kind of like a business partner in your Forex trading career. You want it to fit with the trading style that you have decided on. Obviously, choosing the right broker with a great reputation is part of a good forex trading tips. But you also want to choose the right software.

Choosing software is unique to each trader. If you have a specific way of doing analysis, then you want to make sure that your software supports that. For example, if you want to use a particular method of choosing numbers, then you need to ensure that your trading platform has that feature.

But you also want to pay attention to the broker that you have chosen. Make sure that the policies that they have in place will fit with your trading strategy. Spot trading is very different from exchange-drive markets and you aren’t always going to be able to do both with any broker.


3. Be Consistent With Your Style of Trading


Good forex trading tips

Before you make a single trade, you want to know what style of trading you are going to be using. But more importantly, you want to continue to use that style of trading once you have chosen it. That’s not to say that you should be able to adapt your style to the changing market. You definitely should. But many traders fall into the trap of switching out their method after a couple of losses and they never learn enough to start making a steady income.

For example, if your particular trading style involves looking at what a company is involved in or researching aspects of the current economy, then use those charts to determine what trades you will make. On the other hand, if you use technical analysis, then you want to use those charts to time your trades.

Whatever method you choose, be consistent in using it, and how you use it, and you will have more success. But don’t forget to learn some forex trading tips if you are a new trader.


4. Carefully Determine Entry & Exit Times


Entry & Exit Times – Forex trading tips

One of the most confusing aspects of Forex trading for new traders is the difference in information when you look at charts with different time frames. For example, a day chart might show one thing while a weekly chart shows something completely different.

You want to make sure that you keep these two charts in sync before you make your trade. For example, if your weekly chart is giving you a signal to buy, you should probably wait until your daily chart has confirmed it before you act. Be cautious in your determination and make sure that you aren’t being too impulsive.


5. Calculate Expectant Returns


You want to know that your system works and that it will continue to work reliably in the future. The way that you do this is by calculating your returns, something that will be explained in this online trading guide below.

Forex trading tips – calculate your returns

Calculating returns requires that you have a formula to test your system. You should be able to go back and measure your previous trades that won and then compare them to your losing trades. Then you can compare the two and you’ll have an idea of what the future expectant return will be. Do this over a long enough period of time to get a consistent expected result, and then write down the results to predict what will likely happen in the future.

The formula that you will be using to calculate those returns is E= [1+ (W/L)] x P – 1. This equation, W stands for the average winning trade, L stands for the average losing trade and P is the percentage win ratio. E, of course, is the expected result.

So, suppose that you made 10 trades. Seven of them were winning trades while the other three were losses. That gives you a ratio of 7 out of 10 of 70%. Then you’ll calculate how much you made with those trades. Then divide the amount made by the number of trades. For example, if you made $3500 on seven winning trades, then you end up with $500 per trade. Do the same thing for the losses. Suppose they were $900. You end up with $300 per trade. Now, if you use that formula, you end up with .602 or shown as a percentage – 60%. That means that each dollar you trade with, on average, you will get a return of $1.60.


6. Best Strategy for Online Trading: Think Trades Not Losses


Many traders fund their account and then realize that they have a big bill coming up, or something else they want to spend their money on. This is not the way to make trades. You need to focus on your trades as if it was your business – because it is. The money that you have set aside for investing should be used only for investing.

But you should also have the same attitude towards the trades that you make as you would on money you spent on vacation or taken to the casino to gamble with. This will allow you to accept losing small amounts of money. You should focus on your trades instead. Don’t worry about the money. If you have a solid strategy, you will become a successful trader. You will become more successful by reading and learning different forex trading tips.

However, you should also limit yourself to a small percentage of your account value per trade leverage – say 2%. So, if you have $10,000 to invest with, you shouldn’t risk more than $200 on a single trade leverage. If the stops are farther than that, then decrease the leverage or trade shorter.


7. Create Positive Feedback


You definitely want to create positive feedback for yourself if you want to do successful Forex trading or develop a cryptocurrency strategy. Unfortunately, we humans do not always remember our successes as well as we remember our failures. So, you have to purposely form a system for positive feedback to make sure that you are remembering your successes instead of your failures.


8. Smart Online Trading: Use Your Weekends Wisely


The markets are closed on the weekends, which is a perfect opportunity for you to do some analysis, learn some new trading skills or simply, become more aware of the market. You can study weekly charts and look for patterns that could affect your trading. You can watch the financial news and see if there is any current event that could be affecting your trades the following week.

While the talking heads may give good advice on financial television programs, you definitely want to ensure your objectivity. Make sure that you know that the trades you are doing are good ones, don’t just jump on the bandwagon because you hear a purported expert talk about the market exploding.


9. Maintain Good Records


If you are going to make a business out of trading, you’ll need to maintain good records. Keeping records is part of any good business, and it will help you create a plan for the future. Be sure that you make a note of what action you took and why you felt that action was necessary. Pay special attention to the emotional responses that you had which caused you to take action. If you panicked on a trade and closed and lost money, then note that. If you did the opposite because you were too focused on the money, then note that too. Develop the mental discipline not to allow these things to affect you in the future.


10. Take Advantage of Demo Accounts


Another forex trading tips which is recommended, is the advantage of the demo accounts that are available with most reputable Forex brokers. Many traders jump right in without ever using the demo account. This is a terrible idea, even if you have some experience trading, because each platform is different, and each broker has different policies and trading options.

A demo account allows you to get familiar with the trading platform and to learn all of the features that it provides. The biggest benefit to using a demo account is that you may not have to spend any money to learn how to trade and see if you are going to have some success with it. Do your practice on a demo account after you have understand different forex trading tips. 

Every good broker out there has a demo account that new traders can use. But you want to look for brokers that will allow you to use the demo account, with real trading information, without making an initial deposit. This will allow you to spend some time getting familiar and decide if you want to go with that broker or not.


11. Don’t Fall for Trading Psychology


Humans are emotional creatures. Even when you have hard and fast rules set down, it is surprising how often you can be tempted by an emotional reactions. Trade objectively and follow your strategy for successful Forex trading. Hunches might be a good idea in a crime TV show but they have no place in trading.


12. Avoid Risks by Planning


Make sure that you think rationally and avoid any risks that can affect your trades. But on the other hand, you can’t avoid risk altogether. Risk is part of the trading game. The only thing that you can do is never underestimate risks while minimizing them as much as possible. If you want to trade high-risk/high-reward, make sure that only a small part of your portfolio is focused on them.


13. Get Friendly With Trends


Trends are one of the things that exist in the Forex marketplace. You can’t avoid them and this online training guide doesn’t want you to. Trends can sometimes make traders a great deal of money. But there are different types of trends and different periods when you should be riding them. Fundamental trends are for the long term, while technical trends are short term and require you to trade more actively. Learn about trends, develop a relationship with them, but don’t let them rule your trading habits.


14. Learn to Know When the Enter/Exit Points Are


If you want to become a successful trader, then you’ll want to learn how to tell when it is a good entry or exit point. This is one of the most important of the successful trading tips. This isn’t something that you can do with gut feelings or instinct. This is a numbers game and it will require technical analysis and good knowledge of the market. If you can learn how to do technical analysis, you’ll be able to tell when a movement is over, or is about to be over, and make your trades to take advantage of it.

Fundamental indicators are the result of big factors in the economy and something newsworthy happening within a company, like a merger. Technical movements can be predicted by using the forex options platform charts.


15. Develop Patience So You Don’t Panic


When you are riding a trend, there may be times when it becomes volatile, and it may seem like the perfect time to close. But you need to develop patience and use actual analysis to make a decision instead of panicking. Develop patience – the kind that comes from the knowledge that you’re doing the right thing.


16. Use Stop-Loss to Avoid Thinking about the Money

Stop Loss – Forex trading tips

If you want to focus on the trade instead of thinking about the money, one of the best tools that you can use is stop-loss. If you can limit daily winning trades, while going the other direction and limiting losses as well, you will have a balanced system that helps to give you the trading success that you want. Even though it looks limiting short term, it will have huge advantages over the career of your trades.


17. Learn Money Management


You also need to learn money management which is an important forex trading tips. That means learning to manage your trades better and not making huge trades relative to the amount of funding that you have. Most brokers will allow 8 or more minimum trades with the lowest deposit option and you want to follow the 2% rule discussed earlier.


18. Do not Throw All Your Money into One Trend


You must be cautious about throwing your money into a single trend. It is totally fine if you want to ride a trend, but if you are investing more than 15% of your total capital in trend trades, then you risk a major shake-up with your portfolio. Plus, you don’t have a balanced portfolio like the experts advice. If something does happen with a trend, and you only have 15% invested, your portfolio is still intact.


Bonus: The Best Cryptocurrency Guide


These online trading tips are just the basis for you to learn how to do successful trading. There is a lot more to learn, including some of the newest thing – bitcoin strategies. You want to find the best cryptocurrency strategy or cryptocurrency trading guide out there and become familiar with how bitcoin, ethereum , litecoin and cryptocurrency works. That way you can add a new trading strategy to your already successful Forex trading and trade on best cryptocurrency broker.




If you have always been interested in Forex trading, and you want to get started right away, this is a great place to start. These tips will help you to master the same strategies that have made many Forex traders extremely wealthy. Don´t forget to learn about forex trading tips and do your practice on a demo account.